Bézier Games

I’ve enjoyed a long and wonderful relationship with Bezier Games since 2008, when I was hired to advise them and coach their staff on product demonstrations at conventions and trade shows. They had had success with smaller games and game add-ons, but they were launching a new product with huge potential and wanted to make sure that they were doing everything they could to communicate all the great features of this new game. What I didn’t know at the time was that the assistance I would provide would take me all the way from California to Essen, Germany to be a part of the product launch at the largest board game convention in the world.

I was already aware of how well the core principles of good presentations scaled up to training and training design, but working with Bezier Games made me realize how well those same principles scaled down to product demonstrations, sales pitches, and even a single-sentence answer to a question from a random observer at the back of a crowd. And not only to these real-time interactions with potential customers, but also to the eventual interactions your customers will have with the products you design. I’ve always been fascinated with product design and user-experience design, but working with Bezier Games re-kindled a long-dormant love of board games and board game design. I’m designing board games again after a very long break, and I find that my own, much improved, game designs are guided by my empathy for my game-playing “audience” and my commitment to giving them clear, focused, engaging and memorable gaming experiences.

Over the years, I’ve continued to work with Bezier Games in different capacities, from the coaching that I started with, to actually representing them at industry trade shows, to consulting with them on game design, marketing messages, video production, and more. I’m excited to see what the future holds in this atypical, but very rewarding, application of presentation and communication principles and techniques.

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