Oracle is a client that I have only been working with since 2105, and while that shorter time-span hasn’t given our relationship the depth of the work that I’ve done with other companies, I am really loving the breadth of the work that I’m doing for Oracle.

In addition to presentation training, I am also providing Oracle with a wide range of communication and leadership training on topics ranging from behavioral styles and their impact on relationships with colleagues, customers and vendors, to decision-making and delegation, to time-management and productivity best practices. This training takes place in traditional full-day or two-day workshops with anywhere from 10-25 participants, which allows for some incredible discussions and group activities.

Another nice thing about the training that I provide for Oracle is that it often involves a really nice mix of participants from very different business units, and at different management levels. We’ve had individual contributors from product development in classes with sales directors and vice-presidents of finance. In certain types of workshops, that much variety could be counter-productive, but for universally-important skills like communication or delegation, it creates a great synergy of different experiences and ideas.

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