About Samson Speaking

At Samson Speaking, our mission is to help you develop and deliver presentations and training that engage, inform and inspire your audience.
No matter what kind of presentation or training you are delivering, and no matter who your audience is, there is a body of knowledge and a set of skills that you can learn and develop to be more effective. We believe that the best way to serve your needs is to act as an advocate for your audience. As their advocate, we will help you to develop presentations and training events that are focused, well-structured, interesting, valuable, understandable and memorable. We do this by working with you through the three phases of creating your presentation or training: design, development and delivery.

We start by ensuring that you are designing your presentation with your audience in mind. We also work with you to take advantage of the things that you are best at. We believe that the best presentations meet the needs of the audience by leveraging the strengths of the presenter. And it has to be practical to do this within the time and resource constraints that we are all under. This is what the design phase is all about.

During the development phase, we work with you to find three things: a strong focus for your presentation, a structure that is appropriate for your topic and that will flow well for your audience, and strong slides or other visuals that will help your audience to understand and remember your key points.

Finally, the delivery phase starts with exploring practice options that are both practical and effective for you. Depending on your goals, this can include everything from live video recording in front of an audience, to remote 1-on-1 web-based practice sessions. And of course, this phase and the entire process ends with you delivering a great presentation or training event!

Our Services

We can help you by delivering the kind of training and support that best fits your needs, including:

About Steve Samson

Steve is a trainer, speaker, consultant and coach specializing in presentations, training facilitation and other forms of public speaking. Steve has been delivering training in one form or another for most of his professional career. He began teaching basic Macintosh operations and software back in 1988 and before long he was teaching a wide variety of software on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. From there, Steve started creating custom training curriculum and trainer development programs, which eventually expanded into business skills and communication training. Since 2002, Steve’s focus has been on training and coaching presenters and public speakers, and on coaching trainers and instructional designers to improve the quality and effectiveness of the training that they develop and deliver.