If you have a group of people who need to become better presenters, hands-on workshops provide opportunities for participants to apply new knowledge and techniques, and also create great learning synergy among teams and across an organization.

Whether you have a group of presenters preparing for a conference, or a sales team that needs to improve their product demonstration skills, or distributed team that needs to become better able to explain their portion of an ongoing project, one or more dedicated workshops can provide focused, high-impact and long-lasting learning.

As more and more companies realize the bottom-line benefits of increasing their employees’ communication and presentation skills, we are often called upon to run dedicated, on-site workshops on an ongoing basis. As employees learn a common set of skills and evaluation criteria, the quality of presentations at external events, in internal meetings, and even in written proposals and correspondence increases. A commitment to clear, engaging and memorable presentations is a visible and powerful way to make good communication a living, breathing part of your company’s culture, instead of just a line on a “Vision & Values” poster.