Learn about Presentation EQ at Vitality 2015

Attend Steve’s webinar at Vitality 2015, a global emotional intelligence online conference.

On Thursday, March 19, Steve will be delivering a modified version of our The Deepest Hook webinar at the Vitality 2015 online emotional intelligence conference. This conference is absolutely free and includes over 50 webinars covering a wide range or topics on emotional intelligence.

To meet the goals of this conference, Steve has modified the content and focus of our normal The Deepest Hook webinar away from concrete presentation techniques and more toward understanding what emotional intelligence is and how it can be applied to the design and delivery of a presentation. If you’ve taken our Deepest Hook webinar or attended a Deep Hooks workshop (which also includes how to make the best use of stories and images), then you’ll recognize about 75% of the content. But if you haven’t, this is a great opportunity to get a free sample of our webinars, and to get a good introduction to how valuable emotions can be to a presenter, and how to appropriately and effectively incorporate them into any presentation.

Get more information about the Vitality 2015 conference, the 6seconds organization that puts it on, or register for Steve’s webinar by clicking any of these links.

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